Ben Hoeger Nature Photography


Hi, my name is Benjamin - I’m a loving father and husband, developer, ux and design lover and an enthusiastic nature photographer.

I started photography in an age of 10. Took pictures of my friends and middle in the 90th I tried to take action pictures during my sk8board time. Then as a drum and bass producer (…dreaming about) I started to photograph DJs and parties. Later in my life I become addicted to the mountains of south tyrol and the bavarian alps. I bought my first expensive camera - a Sony RX100 MII :-) During my hikes and climbing tours the Sony was always with me, but still didn’t took pictures in a professional way.

When I became a father, my life turned completely and during a baby shooting with Marie (thanks!) I realised that I took pictures all of my life. But I never care about the technique and all the details.

So I decided to buy a better camera, to take pictures of my daughter. And also took some online lessons to learn more about my passion. And as always - when you do something what you love, you get better very soon.

As a designer and developer I am also familiar with photoshop since many years. Post processing is also one of my hobbies. Especially when I am not able to go out shooting.

Take a look at my work, if you want to hang something on your wall, feel free to contact me as well.